Monday, Jan 9 – Due Wednesday, Jan 11

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Everyday Math:
Study Links 3.5


Pg. 66-67; #’s 6-14, 24-31, 36-40

Science:1. A contour interval is the change in elevation between adjacent lines. If each of the 1 cm interval water lines in your landform model represents 25 meters, what is:a. The contour interval for your topographical map?b. An estimated height of the top of the hill?

2. a. What does a topographical map show about the land?

b. What Does a topographical map not show about the land?

3. Compare the following diagrams that were drawn with the same contour interval and scale.

a. Which shows fairly flat land?

b. Which shows a hill or valley with a gentle slope?

c. Which shows a steep hillside?

4. Look at the diagram below and answer the following questions:

a. What kind of landform is this?

b. Which location on the map (L, M, or N) marks the steepest area?

c. Which location on the map (L, M, or N) marks the flattest area?

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