Thursday, Feb 9 – Thursday Feb 16

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Everyday Math:

During the past couple weeks we have been working through the skills surrounding fractions. This has included finding equivalent fractions, converting between improper and mixed numbers, finding common denominators, and multiplying fractions. During this week we will be concluding this chapter and taking the chapter test.

I have noticed that many students are having trouble deciding on when to find a common denominator. This should be performed when fractions with different denominators are either added or subtracted. When fractions are multiplied it is crucial to remember it is not necessary to find a common denominator. Instead you should remember the phrase, “Top times top, bottom times bottom.” Lastly, regardless of adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing fractions, you must always remember to reduce the answer to the simplest fraction.


This week we will be finishing Chapter 2 (Introduction to Variables and Equations) and progressing on to Chapter 3 (Multi-Step Equations and Inequalities). These topics are a bit difficult so extra work is advised.


During the past month we have been working through the idea of landforms and how environmental changes alter the lay of the land. This week we will be conducting lab to understand how cliffs are subject to the affects of wind and water. Lab notebooks will be collected this week and assessed according to the rubric that the students have agreed upon.

Because we have started a working through the entire lesson in class and finishing the assessment questions before concluding the day. Students are more able to pay attention to their math homework. Because of this, I will be assigning ISAT questions to be completed along with their math homeworks.


We have been asked to have students update their contact information online. In the next week, it would be great if you would please go to the following link and complete the form. It should only take a couple minutes and it would very much help operations here at Ray Elementary.

Update Contact Info

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at or call me at 773-535-0970.

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Homework for this week:

Thursday 2/9/12 Tuesday 2/14/12 Thursday 2/16/12
Everyday Math Test Review Pack Study Links 5.1
ISAT Practice Problems
Study Links 5.2
Pre Algebra Using the book as a resource, identify theĀ terms, like terms, coefficients, and constantsĀ of the equations in problems #1,2,3 on pg 130 Section 3.1ISAT Practice Problems Section 3.2
Science Completed In Class Completed In Class Completed In Class

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