Tuesday, March 20 – Friday, March 30

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Everyday Math:

We have just concluded chapter 5 (Graphing Angles and Congruence) and are finishing with a test. These next two weeks is the introduction to higher level mathematics. We are now introducing the concept of the variable and algebraic math. This is always a little challenging to students as they are very used to thinking directly about numbers and how they relate to each other. The method for working algebraic equations will be something that we will need to work hard at in order to have the students succeed.


Chapter three was a new and difficult chapter to most students. It introduced the concept of algebraic equations and inequalities. Students had some difficulty working algebraic equations and solving for variables. We are far from finished with that topic, but are now going on to number theory. Chapter 4 deals with factoring, working fractions, and further depth of exponents. We will continue to work the idea of the variable into every lesson because from this point on every math course will use this concept. We will end before break taking a quiz on 4.1 through 4.4 and then going to enjoy the spring break.


This new chapter introduces the idea of volcanoes and earthquakes. Students are expected to use the lessons learned to apply the concepts to a decision on whether they would recommend storing nuclear waste in the caves of Yucca Mountain.


We have been asked to have students update their contact information online. In the next week, it would be great if you would please go to the following link and complete the form. It should only take a couple minutes and it would very much help operations here at Ray Elementary.

Update Contact Info

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at bastachowiak@cps.edu or call me at 773-535-0970.

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Homework for this period:

Tuesday, March 20

Thursday, March 22

Tuesday, March 27

Thursday, March 29

Friday, March 30

Everyday Math

Study Links 6.1/6.2

No Homework

Study Links 6.3

Study Links 6.4

Quiz in Class

No Homework


Pg 175; #16-45

Pg 179; # 12-31

Pg 189; #3-35

pg 196; #3-36

No homework

pg 202; #’s 17-39 (odd)


In Class: Theory of Plate Tectonics

In Class:

Measuring Earthquakes

In Class: Mapping Plates

In Class: Understanding Plate Boundaries

In Class: Understanding Plate Boundaries

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