Wed, April 25 – Friday, May 4

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Everyday Math:

Students have become rather competent at finding equivalent fractions, doing math with negative numbers, and multiplying/dividing fractions. We are now working on ratios and rates in chapter 8 which bases off of these concepts previously learned.


The previous chapter went very well as this was a review for most of the group. This next two weeks will involve catching up to the similar material that the students in Everyday Math are covering. It has become obvious that the students are covering a lot of the same material, but that the Pre-Algebra students are seeing more difficult versions of the same math. This of course will make them much more competent in 7th and 8th grade.


We are starting chapter E which covers Weather and Climate. Students will be taking surveys of their family members and friends about the major weather events that have occurred in the greater Chicago area.

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Homework for this period:

Wed, April 25

Fri, April 27

Mon, April 30

Wed, May 2

Fri, April 4

Everyday Math

Study Links 8.1

No Homework

Study Links 8.2

Study Links 8.3

Quiz on 8.1/8.2

Study Links 8.4/8.5


Unit 5.3 #’s 7-31 and 37-49 (odd)

No Homework

Unit 5.4 and 5.5

Pg 240; #’s 8-24

Pg 245 #’s 16-27

Unit 6.1/6.2

Quiz on 5.3-5.5

Unit 6.3/6.4


52: Local weather Survey

54: Earth’s Surface

56: Ocean Temperatures

55: Lab – Heating Earth’s Surface

Quiz on Weather/Climate

Oceans and Climate

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