Monday, May 7 – Friday, May 18

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Everyday Math:

Students have become rather competent at finding equivalent fractions, doing math with negative numbers, and multiplying/dividing fractions. We are now working on ratios and rates in chapter 8 which bases off of these concepts previously learned.


These next two weeks will wrap up ratios and rates of chapter 6 and introduce linear equations of chapter 8. This is another major leap for students to develop toward the algebraic prowess they will need to excel in middle school math.


We are in the heart of chapter E which covers Weather and Climate. Students are now learning about the major impact that water has on the climate and stability of our planet. They will conduct labs regarding water soluble materials and benefits/detriments that can be created by such materials.

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Homework for this period:

Mon, May 7

Wed, May 9

Fri, May 11

Mon, May 14

Wed, May 16

Everyday Math

Study Links 8.6


Study Links 8.7/8.9

Study Links 8.10/8.11

Chapter Test

Study Links 9.1/9.2


64/6.5 worksheet

(odd problems)



Making a scale drawing of a room in your house

Chapter Review

(not doing 6.7 or 6.8)

Chapter 6 Test

8.1; #8-18


8.2; # 11-31 (odd)


55: Heating the Oceans

Vocab Quiz

57: Oceans and Climate

58: The cause of Climate

59: Water as a Solvent

60: Changing States of Water

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